Have you had a moment when you’re so sick of the long hair you’ve had for ages, cutting it short is so liberating? If you have, then you know, if you haven’t, then you should consider it.

Although, consider yourself warned, as results in your head may vary.

You may love your short hair the first few days, then immediately regret cutting it a week later.

People are so indecisive.

So, to save you the tears and hair-pulling, we have some useful ideas on how you can wear it and love it. Well, we don’t, Fabulous Hannah does and she’s just amazing! It’s absolutely no wonder she has more than 220K Youtube followers and her video has been viewed by a staggering number of 8,116,044!

Wow, millions of people are now turning heads with styles like ‘The Straight and Messy,’ or ‘The Hun’ or so many of her other styles she shows in the video.

Here’s a glimpse in the styling gold you’re about to see:

1. The above-mentioned ‘Straight and Messy’

2. The ‘Front Braid’

3. ‘The Hun’

How amazing are these! One thing’s certain, time will pass before you get bored of all these hairstyles and you won’t even have enough of it to regret cutting your hair short!

Enjoy yourselves, and tell us which one’s your favorite.

Source: metdaan.com