It is quite amazing how the length of your hair can influence how a spiral perm works for you. If you have short or mid-length hair, a spiral perm hairstyle would look edgy and cool. But a spiral curl hairstyle for long hair will produce completely different results. It looks dreamy and feminine, with the curls cascading down gracefully.

Spirals For Layered Hair

If you have really long layered hair, then a spiral perm would look extremely beautiful. While your layers won’t look too obvious, you will still be able to see them towards the ends of your hair. Here’s a photo to give you an idea of how a spiral perm hairstyle would look on long layered hair.

Ombre Spiral Curls

If you have highlights or have gone in for an ombre effect, your curls will show up beautifully and the variation in the hair colour will also give an illusion of more volume.

How tight your curls are and how dense they are will totally depend on the thickness of the rods and the length and thickness of your hair. Have a clear vision in your head as to how you want the final look to be and convey it to your hair stylist properly. Make sure he/she understands your requirement and also check with them to see if they’ve done spiral perms before. You don’t want to end up being the guinea pig for their experiments.

Why You need a Good Hair stylish to give you perms

A good hairstylist will know how to deliver the kind of curls that you want. Look at the photos below, notice how in the first picture the person’s curls look manufactured and lifeless? This is because she has thin hair and ideally she should have been aiming for wild untamed curls. Check out the second photo, now that is how you make the curls work. They look so natural and springy and add oodles of volume and bounce to her otherwise thin hair.

Next Step – Spiral Hairstyles

Okay, so you’ve got your spiral perm done, now what? What hairstyles can you manage to do with such extremely curly hair? Well, your options are a little limited. You obviously can’t braid your hair or put it up in a tight bun. What you can do is some relaxed, messy dos.

You can pull up your hair in a loose side pony or pile it up on your head in a loose messy bun. Always take care not to be too rough with your hair. You also don’t want the curls to tangle or get messed up. So just run your fingers through your hair and pull it into one of the hairstyles shown here.

The intensity of the curls and how well it will suit you is a bit of a gamble. If you’re not too sure, go for a just-out-of-bed messy curls look. You can’t really go wrong with them. And do remember that you will lose some length in the process as you hair will curl up a few inches, so you will have to be okay with that.

Spiral perms are a fun option for a drastic hair makeover. Instead of chopping off your long hair because you are bored of it, you can dramatically change your hair’s texture and look while still retaining most of the length.

From Beyoncé and Shakira to Oprah, many celebrities have had fun and experimented with a spiral perm hairstyle. Don’t you think it is your turn now?

Note: Stay away from spiral perm if your hair is too damaged as it might result in breakage.

Hope this post on spiral hairstyles for long hair has helped. Are you getting a spiral perm now? Let us know.