If you’re active on Twitter, you probably know the definition of the word “baddies”.

If not, let me fill you in. These accounts with the word “baddie” in them tweet pictures of some… interesting looking women, for their followers to enjoy.

When you take a look at these women, it won’t take you a lot to realize that they’re wearing a ton of makeup.

If you’ve seen them before, you probably felt a bit jealous and wanted to look a little bit like them. If that’s the case, then feel jealous no more.

Nina Vee is here to show you how to make yourself look like a Twitter/Instagram baddie!

It’s safe to say that Nina Vee has mastered the art of looking like a “baddie”.

I wouldn’t be surprised if she actually makes an appearance on one of those baddie accounts on Twitter or Instagram.

Although she has done the makeup right, she didn’t go the extra mile and dress as provocatively as some of the baddies.

This look is not the easiest to achieve. It requires a hefty amount of makeup. Like, a lot.

The principle is still the same, but there’s a lot more to it than just applying a few layers of concealer, eyeshadow and whatever else.

One thing I should also add is that she looks even more like a baddie with the bun she’s wearing while applying the makeup.

She should have kept it till the end, but oh well.

If you’re jealous of the baddies on Instagram and Twitter, check out the video to see how to make yourself look like one.

Source: metdaan.com