Vintage pastel mint has always been one of my favorite hues of green. It is really contained and it it’s not imposing. I think nails in this particular hue are really fitting for day time.

Spring is on its way, so I think that this choice of nails is one of the best you can make for the upcoming season. No matter how you decide to decorate them make sure that the base is always mint green and you’ll never be wrong, I assure you!

Go through these 15 mint manicures and decide for yourself!

1. Mint zig zag and a golden trail

The strong jet black zig zag patterns go so well with the mildness of the mint.

2. Gold Vs

These beautiful golden Vs are absolutely regal like. They make you look go from 3 to 10 in a minute!

3. The Hamsa

The Hamsa pattern dots on the mint will steal everyone’s glance.

4. Mint Diares

That little message coded in the middle finger is to die for.

5. Rock the Stones

Mint really complements the gentle stones.

6. Another vintage pastel

The vintage pink pastel really complements the mint. Especially when it’s done to represent a piece of watermelon.

7. A One Time Mint

I don’t know why, but this particular nail art reminds me of a coffee cup. This is a good thing to be reminded off.

8. Glossy Mint

The glossy finish really accentuated the mint.

9. Baby

These two hues standing next to each other remind me of a baby blanket or something as beautiful as that.

10. SilverStripe

So easy and so chic!

11. Mint Stone Sceptre

The stones are made as the upper part of a sceptre. Queens only!

12. Graphic Mint

The graphic pattern on the next-to-last finger really gives movement to the whole hand.

13. Loyal Fandom

This Arizona Iced Tea pattern is sooo fresh and creative! Kudos!

14. Patterned Fourth Finger

This particular pattern is perplexing to me. I am still not on that A-level yet. I need to educate myself further.

15. Cyberpunk Tribals

This sci-fi, cyberpunk pattern is amazing to be rocked center stage.