From Henna designs to motifs on sarees and jewellery, we women have an obsession with peacock designs. Just the colours and the magnificence of the bird captures our imagination and we’ve managed to incorporate it into our wardrobe and accessories as well. So peacock nail art designs being all the rage these days comes as no surprise. You can create some pretty spectacular and utterly fascinating peacock nail art designs such as the following.

1. Two Toned Nails

If you’re an amateur at nail art and are not sure you can manage any of the more complex designs, then this two-toned peacock colour nails are your best bet. There are no designs or patterns and yet when you look at the two colours blending you immediately think of a peacock.

2. Intricate Design

Now this design will need a lot of precision and fine work. While the base is not difficult, the black detailing might need a professional’s help. Else, if you can find nail art stickers of this similar design, it will work equally well.

3. Free Hand Drawing

You can whip up some pretty cool designs by doing freehand drawing. And you don’t even have to be precise and perfect. Check out this peacock feather nail art, it’s done with a careless freehand touch and yet the result is captivating. The black base coat acts as a background for all the colours and lets the colours pop.

4. Feathers and Motif

Peacock feather nail art designs are extremely common amongst young women, who are especially attending theme parties and get-togethers. You can either match the colous of the attire with the nail paints or can mimic the same designs as that of the saree or dress.

5. Glitter Me Peacock

Another freehand drawing, but here a lot of glitter is used to create an interesting effect.

7. Rhinstone Art

With a freehand design, this would have looked pretty, but the addition of one blue rhinestone on each nail takes it to the next level.

8. Green and Gold

This may seem difficult, but it really isn’t. Just make sure you have a friend around to help you out on this nail art design with peacock feathers.

9. Motifs

You can create such uniform motifs using nail art stamp plates. They enable you to create such clean designs. Of course you will need a lot of practice to get it right, but I dare say the learning process will be quite fun.

Enjoy watching this video: