Okay, we showed you some chocolate-inspired nails, a post which seriously got abstinent nail-biters in trouble, and now we have a safer, less provocative, if you will suggestion. Rose pink nails.

They’re stylish, go with everything and are wonderful to look at. And let’s face it, in this day and age, when everyone uses a computer for work, your nails are something you’re definitely looking at often. Why not make them amazing?

Let’s go rose pink, then.

1. I’d look at this reverse French all day long.

2. Sparkles, yet subtle.

There’s something about the choice of colors that doesn’t let these nails be too much, but to be – just right.

3. Go for quiet pink and one really loud nail to break the silence.

4. Edge it up with black.

Because there won’t be a better combination in the world than pink and black.

5. Sugar on your nails.

Look like cotton candy.

6. Rosy French

So neat.

7. Reverse French with sparkles

Every girl needs her sparkles.

8. Florals, because it’s unexpected in winter.

9. Go for stripes.

They do so much.

10. Simple and fresh

Clean, neat and lovely.

11. Soft pink with patterns

Use stencils or overlays.

12. The Princess nails.

You know, the kind of nails that scream ‘I’m a pretty Princess,’ because you are.

13. Forever classy

This manicure is mesmerizing, I can look at it all day!

Feel inspired yet? Which one would you go for? Tell us in the comments, and if you have another rose pink idea, show us that too ?

Source: metdaan.com