A lot of children get inspired by their family and often want to follow the same professions as them. This is what Hunter McGrady wanted for a long time: to become a swimsuit model. Her mom was a model, grandmother and also her aunt.

For a long time, it has been Hunter’s dream to have a successful modeling career of her own. She started modeling when she was only 16 but had a lot of struggles down the road. The 23-year-old had hips and wasn’t really stick-thin.

When she first started off she was a “normal” model aka not a plus size. But, around four years ago everything changed. Hunter’s body was never meant to maintain the 115 pound frame she forced herself into.

Everything has an happy ending, so when she found out about plus-size modeling, it was like another big door was being opened for her. She revealed to Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition.

Despite the years of other people bullying her, she has risen above it all and attained her dreams.

“I was really bullied in high school… I think that we’re all beautiful regardless of what size we are. But they always told me that I was fat and that I would never be a model,” she explained to Sports Illustrated.

She says, “My main goal is to get across to women that you are able to love your body at any size and that you’re sexy and beautiful at any size.”

What you would really be surprised about is that her body suit isn’t even a swimsuit at all. It’s body paint. It took 12 hours for an artist to paint on her body, but the result is stunning.

She really wants women to stay away from bullying and that they are all unique even if you have cellulite, stretch marks and acne.

Everyone — even the biggest names in the modeling world — deal with “flaws.”

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Source: metdaan.com