Everybody knows that the first sip of coffee in the morning is life changing, as you can almost feel yourself coming to life. On Earth’s magnetosphere close to the poles, solar winds can have the same impact. As they provide the get-up-and-go energy that helps produce displays of the Aurora Borealis.

How about we take these two similarities and combine them? ThinkGeek did that and the result is these 12oz, thermal-sensitive coffe mugs that come to life right in your hand. They display a beautiful Aurora Borealis after getting some coffee in them.

It’s as just simple that, these mugs can bring you a light show when you fill them with warm liquid!

”The thought of that first cup of coffee can really get us moving in the morning, literally and figuratively.” -Think Geek

They say good ideas start with brainstorming but great ideas start with coffee.

Insert Coffee For Light Show!

Source: metdaan.com