Setting up your toes!

Planning on getting a toenail art for you? You can paint your toenails just as much as you can paint your nails on your hands. Painting your toenails is simply much easier than painting your nails on the hands since you can use both your hands when painting the nail art. So how can you begin to create your toenail art masterpiece? Below are some of the basic steps that you could follow through.

If you have an existing polish, make sure that you clean it out. The price of being lazy and painting over your old pedicure can simply result to uneven colors as well as edges with another polish color on them. You would want your nails to look as clean and even when you apply the base coating.

Make sure that your toenails are just about the right length. Unlike the nails on your hands, the toenails can’t be grown as long since it can rub against your socks or shoes and might even cause infections. That is why you should buff the top of your nails right after cutting them to avoid grazing your socks and protect your toenails. Buffing can also help get rid of residues from your old polish and helps the nails to start soaking up the base coat so that it can avoid staining.

After making sure that your nails are in the right length and look clean, it’s time to wash up. Use your nail polish removers to even out the nails and get rid of residues that you might have not reached in the prior steps. You should also start using your cuticle stick to cut back the cuticles on your toenail. There are available cuticle creams that you can use to make the cuticles o your toes easier to trim.
With all the cleaning done, it is time for you to begin with the polishing and designing.

    Things you will need for your toenail art design:

  • – Clear nail polish
  • – Colored nail polish for your base coat and designs
  • – Cotton (to separate your toes when applying the coats)
  • – Small and big brushes (depending on the design)
  • – Clean towels
  • – Reference design (when you are planning on following a toenail art design)

Painting your toenail art design

When you have your reference nail art design ready; start studying it. The key to getting the design you want is patience and perseverance. It might not work on the first try, but you have to remember that practice makes perfect. Some designs might take longer to learn than the others so make sure that you commit to whatever design you plan on recreating on your toes.

You can try and practice on one toenail for the meantime until you get it right and duplicate the design on the rest of the other toenails. There is nothing like having a good result on your very own personalized toenail art designs. There are also designs that are easier to make with the help of nail stickers. You can trace the stickers to make a straight or curved line depending on the design you wish to achieve.