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I’m back with another post! How are you guys doing? Today, we would be talking about how to prevent an oily face after applying makeup. No matter what your skin type, most of the time your skin tends to become oily after applying makeup. Oil on the skin can melt your makeup, clog the pores and also trigger the appearance of pimples on the skin. Generally, makeup oxidizes on your skin which in turn produces oil on your skin. So, if you want to prevent an oily face after applying makeup, then here are some easy ways to do so.

1. Primer is a Must:

You should always apply a primer on your face first in order to prevent oily skin. A primer can help to soak the excess oil on the skin and also hold your makeup in place for a long period of time. If not everywhere on the face, you should be using primer on the nose, forehead and the chin. Applying primer on the oily T-zone area can help to keep your makeup on your face and prevent the production of oil as well. You can use the Covergirl TruBlend Face Primer for Oily Skin.

2. Use More of Oil-Free Products:

If you have oily skin, you should use more of oil-free products. Using oil-free products can help to prevent oil secretion on the skin and also help to keep your skin hydrated. For people with oily skin should use products which are specially produced for oily skin. It can not only make your face look refreshed but also prevent oily face after applying makeup.

3. Always Use a Loose Powder:

Finishing your face with loose powder is another trick that can help to keep your face oil free. Take a small amount of loose powder and spread it across the face using a brush. Make sure you apply powder on the oily T zone area so that it does not make your skin produce more oil. If you feel you have oily eyelids, you can apply powder on the eyelids as well. You can use Natio Mineral Crystal Loose Foundation for best results.

4. Absorb the Oil with Blotting Paper:

Blotting papers work as saviours for people with oily skin. You should be using blotting papers which can help to soak the excess oil from the face and also keep your makeup in place. You can complete applying the makeup and then run blotting paper on the face lightly. This will help to remove the excess makeup and also blot away the excess oil from the skin. You should be using something like the The Face Shop Oil Blotting Paper.

5. Matte Blushes:

If you love applying blushes on the skin, you should be opting for matte blushes. Since you have oily skin, you should be using blushes which can give you matte finish on the face. If you have normal skin which generally gets oily after applying makeup, you should be using matte blushes.

6. Avoid Using Excess Face Powder:

If you are a woman with oily skin, you should avoid using excess face powder on the skin. Most women think applying too much face powder can help to soak the oil on the face and hence they end up applying lots of it on the skin. You should avoid applying too much face powder as powder can push the pores which in turn help to release more oil on the skin. Too much face powder can lead to even more shine on the skin.

7. Reduce the Layers of Makeup:

One important step to consider while preventing oil face after makeup is you should avoid applying layers of makeup. If you are using foundation and SPF separately, use a foundation with SPF so that you can enjoy the benefits of both in one single application. Applying too many layers on the skin can trap the excess oil between the makeup thus making your skin look more greasy.

Source: makeupandbeauty.com