Having long hair is awesome and a struggle at the same time. And sometimes we run out of ideas.

At times like these, we resort to Youtube. And Youtube holds all kinds hair artists, which is lucky for us because sometimes, one needs a little inspiration.

Hairstyle Diaries is a channel run by Sanjana Bansal, a girl who has mastered hair like a pro. She has 146K+ subscribers and millions of views on her videos, and you’re just about to see why.

What she’s showing us here, is how to do a puff bun which she says can be done in under five minutes.

Totally useful when you’re in a hurry in the morning but still want to look like you’re just out of the salon.

1. Take two sections from the front, on both sides, like this:

2. Comb your hair into a high ponytail:

3. Pull the hair from the ponytail a little, to make a puff on the crown:

4. Make braids on both sides from the sections you left out of the ponytail:

5. After you’ve secured them with a pin close to it, take everything together and twist.

6. Make a bun:

7. Use a hair stick to secure:

That’s it! It actually did take less than five minutes. Is this something you’d go for? It sure looks gorgeous and perfect for frantic mornings.

Source: metdaan.com