Most of our mornings are a battle between getting out of bed and hitting the snooze button for few precious minutes of extra sleep. Between making breakfast, and making small mental notes for the big presentation at work, you are hardly left with any time to look your best. However, if you only manage to fix your bed hair, you are set for your day at work and also for the cocktail party with friends later in the evening. Here are a few quick fixes to transform you into a diva every lazy morning:

Low Chignon Hairstyle: If you want a sophisticated look on a morning when you have to brief a room full of colleagues, you should go with the low chignon. All you need are some bobby pins and a couple of minutes to yourself. First, divide your hair into two sections – upper and lower- and pin the upper half on the top of your head. Next, you can take the lower half of your hair to make the bun. Take a few locks from this section and tease or back comb them. Once you have teased the hair, take it together and tie it with an elastic band. Make sure that you leave some of your hair from the tail, instead of pulling it all the way through the second loop. Also, while making the bun, pull it a little over to your right so that the bun sits behind your right ear. Once the bun is done, take down the hair that you had initially pinned up on your head. Then, part the hair. Pin the left part of the hair around the right of the bun, and the right part of the hair around the left of the bun. Lastly, take two more bobby pins to hold the bun closer to your scalp, and tuck in all stray hairs. It might seem difficult, but you will get the hang of it with some practice. Next morning, you will be office-ready in just five minutes. Make heads turn with this version of the chignon hairstyle.

The Knotted Bun: For a dinner date, a new year’s party, your wedding day, or an office presentation, the knotted bun is a perfect hairdo for any occasion. You can work this hairstyle as you take the elevator to your office floor. Yes, it is that simple! You just need to tie your hair into a ponytail using an elastic band. Next, twist your hair and roll it up into a knot that will sit behind your right ear. Or, roll it up high to sit on your crown. Once you have the knotted the bun in place, pin it using large bobby pins to hold it. However, make sure that while you twist your hair into the knot, you do not pin the tail of your hair along with it. Next, gently pull and tug your hair from the crown and around the bun, to create texture and volume. Your hair is done, and you are ready for that presentation you have to make. The knotted bun is an elegant yet casual hairstyle for medium length hair that can be paired with any attire and for any occasion.

The Half Crown Braid: Do you know how to braid your hair? Then, here is a classy yet easy hairstyle for you. Start by making one or two-inch sections of hair on the side, above your ear. Split this section into three and braid it. Make sure you angle the braid along the back of your head and then secure it using a small elastic band. Repeat the same procedure on the other side, above your ear. Once you have finished both braids, take one and bring it around the back of your hair and pin it in place using bobby pins. Next, take the second braid, cross it over the first braid and tuck it under the first. Secure the second braid using bobby pins. Comb down the rest of your hair, and then you can head to work. You will definitely receive compliments with the half crown braid.

Triple Twisted Ponytail: Are you a mom who has to drop her kids to school before heading to work? Then, the triple twisted ponytail is the hairstyle for you! You just need to part you hair in three sections – one on either side and one down the middle. Take the middle section first, and tease the hair from top to bottom, using a hairbrush. Once that is done, take this section, and twist it around your index finger. Then, pin the twisted hair close to your nape, using a bobby pin. If you think you need a second bobby pin to keep your hair in place, then you can. Next, take the left section, twist it around your index finger, and again pin it in place. Lastly, take the right section of your hair and twist it over the other two sections. Pin this twisted last section closer to your left ear, and you are ready for work. You can do this hairstyle while in you are in the parking lot of your office, and using your rear view mirror. You can accessorize the ponytail, or tease the hair some more for volume. It’s simple, chic and has a fashion statement like no other.

No one has much time in the morning to spend before the mirror, to deck up and look breathtakingly beautiful. We are always multi-tasking so that our lives do not fall off the rails. We are all in a hurry to make the best of the spare time we have, and quick fixes come as a quick relief. So try these hairdos that will not only save time but also inspire awe among those who you meet.