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This video will be presenting recovery of already grown nails with tips on them.

The process of recovery is necessary for the artist, due to different products and techniques being used before. She always soaks the nails off and starts from scratch. The soaking lasts up to 10 minutes. This will help the product come right off.

After soaking, shape the natural nails into a coffin shape. The shape is also known as the ballerina.

Use a fine sanding band to prepare the nails. Don’t apply too much force since you don’t want to take off the natural nail. Focus more on the parts around the cuticle area.  It will help you prevent lifting.

Add the hydrator and primer onto the natural nail.

Apply a medium sized pearl onto the natural nail. Leave a little bit of a gap so you can work on the cuticle area. Spread the product about halfway through the nail. Wait for the nail to be semi-dry.

Use a smile line cutter to perfect the sharpness of the smile line. Compare to make sure everything’s even.

Apply a really thin layer of pink acrylic on all ten nails. Encapsulate it with crystal clear acrylic. Encapsulating solid colors is the artist’s personal preference. The artist points out that she drains her product first. She doesn’t apply it directly on the cuticle area. Instead, she is pushing it towards the cuticle area after she has left a gap. In that way, lifting is avoided.

Perfect the smile line even more. Use a 100 grit hand file. Please use very soft strokes since you don’t want to hurt the natural nail. Let the acrylic completely dry.

Remove the excess dust from the nail. Apply the same pink acrylic that you used for the other nails on the one that has the smile line. Let it dry and then file to remove all the excess acrylic.

In the meantime, encapsulate the rest of the nails.

As soon as the encapsulation is done and the acrylic has dried off, proceed towards filing and shaping the nails.

The third step is going to be the adding of the Swarowski crystals to the nails. Use a brush dipped in glue.

Add a little bit of acrylic in between the crystals. This is a sort of a trick to secure the crystals to the nail. It is completely optional.

After everything has dried, cleanse the nails with 99% alcohol. Add a bit of protein bond to adhere the gel topcoat better.

At this point, add the gel top coat of your choice. Proceed with curing your nails. Repeat the process twice, once for each hand and cure for three minutes each.

To finish everything off, apply cuticle oil and massage it into the fingers.

And that is the final look!