Nothing feels more refreshing than spring, so why not have spring in your hands? Here’s a floral design with green accent to complete the spring vibe.

Green has always been a refreshing color. It’s the color of spring when the leaves on trees are starting to sprout; when grasses start to grow; when plants spring to life. It’s the color of nature and growth so it’s always refreshing to the eyes.

But the thing is, green isn’t really a normal color you often see for make up or for cosmetics. It could either be too bold or strong for eye-shadows. It’s also a color that you need to partner with certain colors or else it won’t really look flattering on you. But fashion and beauty has now been taken to new heights and experimenting with unusual styles and colors is rather common. In these experiments, we discover new trends.

Even when green isn’t still that much common for make up, it has become a good trend for nails. Whether you stay with the normal green to darker shades or even to lighter ones, green has now brought its refreshing feel to your hands. You can go with a normal coat of green nail polish or you can choose to have green nail art. The latter is actually more stylish and fun and you can achieve a lot of different looks. If you get tired of your current style, you can always go for a new one. There’s always new ides you have yet to try.

But of course, you should’t just be focusing on what color suits you or what’s the best design for you would be. You should be focusing more on the health of your nails. If your nail is pretty much brittle, your nail art won’t look good for long. And you might not be able to paint and design your nails if it’s always breaking. So as much as possible, keep it healthy and strong just like every part of your body.

Now without much further ado, let’s start with some green nail art ideas to start some refreshing beauty styles for you.


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