It is a tough world that we live in- a very tough and a traumatizing world for us. Mentally and physically, and from time to time, we need to get in touch with ourselves, to rejuvenate and relax. What better way to do so, than have a spa and a massage once a month? Do not think of the same as a luxury, but a modality that is a must- a necessity to be precise. And amongst the various spas and massages we can think off, the well-known Swedish massage is what we are going to talk about and recommend today. Why? You will understand and learn why your body needs Swedish massage benefits when you read below what it can do for you. But first, let’s introduce you to the concept and then tell you more about the Swedish massage benefits, shall we?

What Is A Swedish Massage?

A Swedish massage most think of is just another classic massage from Sweden. But did you know, the skin aestheticians and the spa experts behind the Swedish massage have to undergo a lot of training and precision so that your body gets the best benefits? One wrong pull and tug can lead to a mishap- hence always and always go to a certified and a licensed masseuse to obtain the best of Swedish massage benefits.

A Swedish massage, to be honest, is one of the best-known bodywork types that is performed, and it helps relax the entire body; so much so, clients fall asleep and drift into another world while the massage is on.

How Is It Done?

The massage is done with the help of long gliding strokes to the muscles. The direction of the strokes would always be to the direction of the blood flow towards the heart- it means, returning of the blood to the heart. However, there are many reasons why the Swedish massage benefits should be obtained, and much more than just for relaxation.

Medical science too speaks of the Swedish massage benefits in very high notes, since it helps increase the circulation of oxygen levels in the body’s bloodstream. If the muscles are overworked, underworked or are attacked by toxins, Swedish massages can help get that solved as well. And moreover, to make the body more flexible and to ease tension from every inch of the body, Swedish massages are done.

A recent study by the well-known National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, which was published in the famous NY Times magazine spoke about the Swedish therapy and its various benefits too. There were studies that showed how a five-minute session of the said massage helped the body in bringing down cortisol, which is a stress hormone. Swedish massages also brought down the production of arginine vasopressin, which is one of the motivators of cortisol production. In addition to that, the lymphocyte count in the body increased, which made the immune system healthier and the body stronger to fight flu and the colds.

So that was all about a gist on the Swedish therapy and massage, which we wanted you to know well. And before we tell you about the benefits of the Swedish therapy, let’s learn about the techniques too.

Technique Of Swedish Massage

Here are some of the techniques used in Swedish massage-

  • Circular pressure applied using your hands and your palms
  • Kneading done to the body in a firm way
  • Tapotement or tapping
  • Bending
  • Stretching

Now Let’s Check On What Happens In Swedish Massages

Before we bring you more knowledge on how beneficial the Swedish therapy is, you must know that it is important to sit and discuss with the expert your specific needs, your health condition and everything about your lifestyle, so as to gain the most of the massage. Since the massage is aimed at improving circulation, muscle soothing and relaxation, unless the expert is not informed of your needs, they would not be able to give you a customized experience.

In Swedish massages, the focus is more on using soft strokes for the bony areas of the body and delicate parts of the body, and stronger strokes on the muscles that are thick. This is an adjustment of pressure that is used so that your body can retain the maximum benefits of the same. And in doing so, the body gets to ease the muscular pains and strains, the toxins are flushed out, oxygen flow is increased, ligaments and tendons are kept supple, and the reduction of mental, emotional and physical stress is brought down too.

When you go for a Swedish massage, it is best to avoid heavy meals at least an hour before the massage. It is also a must to hydrate yourself well before the massage and also to carry an extra pair of innerwear, should you not wish to wear the ones given at the massage center.

The massage lasts for around an hour and a half, in most cases. This is a time when you would be given time to remove your clothing and jewelry and to lie down on a massage bed which has plenty of padding for total comfort. The therapist would then cover you with towels, and all of this is done in privacy with no one else apart from the two of you in the room.

Please do let the therapist known if you are uncomfortable removing all your clothing, and they would find an alternative for the same. In most cases, they work on one part of the body per time, so that entire body is not kept uncovered while the Swedish relaxation massage is on. And while the massage is on, if you feel uncomfortable at any given point in time, please do not hesitate to say so.

Steps They Follow

  • The therapist will first start by assessing your skin and complexion. This they do so that they choose the right products, lotions, and oils for your treatment of your skin type.
  • She or he would then massage these lotions, products or oils using a series of strokes onto your body, or to specific parts of your body. Long strokes with gliding touches would be done on the back for your to relax, kneading would be done on the shoulders to help further relax the tension knots. They would also make sure to entertain the delicate and tender areas of the body, so as to give you the best comfort and soothing touch too.
  • Music would be played, which will help calm the mind and soothe the soul. However, if you do not wish for music to be played while the Swedish relaxation therapy is on, kindly let the therapist know.
  • If you wish to have a complete silent experience sans talking or music, let the therapist known from the very beginning. This helps limit or encourage conversations accordingly while the massage is on. Some customers love to chat away while the massage is on, whilst others prefer the soothing silent experience. Your demands would be fulfilled, and no questions asked.
  • The therapist would do the massage for an hour and a half to the max and then let you slip into your own time to unwind and relax. You would feel every inch of the body smoothed out and stretched, sans any pains and discomfort.

So that was all about how the Swedish relaxation massage happens. Let us now take a look at the various techniques used!

  1. You can opt for solo Swedish massages
  1. You can opt for dual massages meant for couples
  1. You can ask for an aromatherapy Swedish massage
  1. Some prefer a hot stone with a Swedish massage
  1. Some like a seated chair massage too.

One thing that you need to understand and bear in mind is that at the end of any Swedish massage session, you are bound to answer nature’s call and ask for water to drink. This happens because the lymph circulation in the body has done its work by flushing out toxins. And that is why a healthy drink or sparkling water is always given to the client after the massage is done.

Why The Popularity?

Talking about the Swedish massage benefits itself as we did above, is proof enough why it is so popular. In some countries, it is called a holistic health tool that people are advised to use, even by their own doctors. While most think of the Swedish massage as a luxe way of living, it actually is not. It is a necessity that we need to have and experience in this day and age.

Studies and research all over the world have sworn in millions the Swedish massage benefits, and the techniques used which helps the muscles and the tendons release the toxins and pains and aches. In recent studies, there are proofs that show Swedish massages can help reduce the following-

  1. Knee arthritis
  1. Symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome
  1. Blood pressure
  1. Unhealthy immune system
  1. Reduce headaches, and
  1. Symptoms of fibromyalgia to name a few!

In addition to that, the swedish therapy addresses every muscle group of the body while you lay on the bed for that one and a half hour. This also brings down mental stress and replicates the circulatory system of the body too. Metabolic waste from the body is eliminated as well, and the limbs are kept toxic free, with better blood flow that aids in flushing out bodily waste faster.

There are cases where patients suffering from anxiety, depression, and fatigue too have been asked to use Swedish relaxation as a way to fight them all. In some studies done on patients suffering from cancer in 2015, the esteemed Emory University did many clinical trials to check how beneficial Swedish massages were for the mentally traumatized patients.

Now you understand the benefits of Swedish massages, and why it is not just another luxe way to live? We would like you to try out the Swedish massage at least once this year, and feel the difference. However, ensure that only a licensed and a certified skin aesthetician, or a therapist does the same for you. Remember, when you are opting for a Swedish massage, you must sit and talk out your health and lifestyle with the therapist at first. Fill up the client consultation form and then go ahead for your eternal experience. This helps the therapist know best what your body needs and how to release the tension knots and pain from the body without giving you any discomfort.

In your spare time, to know more about what is a Swedish massage, it would be wise to check out the videos you see online these days. They have good visual knowledge for better understanding.