When decorating a dream backyard, it seems that many of you desire to have a pool over there. And this is because it will give you the chance to swim whenever you want and also relax by the pool area on sunny days. Pools can differ in style and in size and the ones that seem to get really popular are the rolling fitted deck pools.

This type of pools, as the name suggests, feature a rolling deck which is definitely something worth having. It gives you the chance to cover the pool when you don’t use it, for instance on rainy days. Also, when the pool is closed it actually turns into a terrace for tables and chairs, so that you can lounge one. These fitted deck pools can be quite versatile, so you will for sure find the right one for your backyard. Here are several such ideas that will for sure make you wish for one such pool too.


These pools feature a movable raised deck that can be installed in different ways. For instance, this one here, features a deck on rails that are laid into the grass, giving you the chance to move the deck when you want to have access to the pool. And the final result is a small hidden pool revealed when the deck is retracted and you can again use the deck as a place to lounge in the sun. So, make one such pool, grab your favorite cocktail and enjoy in the upcoming sunny days.

Source: topdreamer.com