If you like the idea of chrome nails but hate the thought of sitting through the lengthy, in-salon application process, allow me to introduce you to Sally Hansen’s limited-edition Salon Chrome™ Kits. Launching in five shades — “Mermaid” (green iridescent), “Rose Gold,” “Peacock” (blue iridescent), “Holographic,” and “Gunmetal,” these DIY kits include an applicator, the chrome powder, and a “Special Effects” clear coat that highlights the chrome finish. What’s not included but necessary: an opaque, dark Miracle Gel base color (it can be black, dark green, deep purple, etc.) and the Miracle Gel Top coat, which helps seal in the look.

So, when can you get your actual hands on these limited-edition kits? Four of the shades will be launching on Target.com in mid-August for $20, while the “Holographic” kit will be on sale Sept. 1 at Ulta.com for $30 (it includes a Miracle Gel black base color; however, it doesn’t include the top coat).

1. Paint on two coats of an opaque dark polish. Let the two coats dry until they feel slightly tacky.

2. Lightly buff on the chrome polish. As soon as the polish becomes slightly tacky, using the small sponge applicator and back-and-forth movements, work the chrome polish into the opaque, dark lacquer. Just be sure you don’t apply too much pressure or else you’ll smudge the base color.

3. Swipe on Sally Hansen’s “Special Effects” formula to make the chrome pop even more. Allow it to dry for five minutes.

4. Finish with Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat to seal in your look.

Now for the rest of the shades and all their chrome glory:

Sally Hansen Salon Chrome Kit in “Gunmetal,” $20

Sally Hansen Salon Chrome Kit in “Mermaid,” $20

Sally Hansen Salon Chrome Kit in “Peacock,” $20

Sally Hansen Salon Chrome Kit in “Holographic,” $30, exclusively at Ulta.com and includes Sally Hansen’s opaque black Miracle Gel polish.

Sally Hansen Salon Chrome Kit in “Rose Gold,” $20

Here’s to not having to step foot in the salon and still getting crazy-cool chrome nails.

Source: cosmopolitan.com