Gone are the times when a girl cutting her hair short was considered daring and radical. The number of women realizing they are at least equally pretty with cropped hair is encouraging and it seems to be constantly rising. The problem is, it only takes a few minutes for such a change, while going in the opposite direction will take much, much longer. The solution to the problem? There are numerous gorgeous hairstyles you can experiment with while you’re growing your hair.

Ten of them are presented in a charming new video by Sarocha B. The Thai-born Londoner has covered a lot of ground and you will have plenty to choose from once you become a bit tired of your short hair and decide you need a change again.

1. Lazy half bun

Sarocha calls this one the easiest hairstyle ever and it is also one of her favorites and her go-to haircut for a regular day. Nevertheless, its cute simplicity makes it a worthy candidate even for more official events.

2. Messy top small knot

This one is the perfect haircut for that interim period where your hair is starting to grow out, but it’s still far too short to be tied up entirely. With the help of a curling iron, you can achieve a perfect look for those strands of hair left out of the knot.

3. Princess Leia buns

Star Wars lovers will absolutely adore this one. A tribute to the late Carrie Fisher and to one of the most fondly remembered princesses from the big screen, as well as a look that will be appreciated even by those who won’t get the reference, this is also one of Sarocha’s favorites.

All that in detail, and seven more super-cute haircut for short hair, in the video below.

Source: metdaan.com