Welcome to the world of mommies hairstyling! It is messy, quick, easy, and possibly not finished to the very end. If you are a mommy, hairstyling is a bit of a luxury for you, as you only do it on certain days. There are thousands of videos that provide easy and short hairstyles, but you can barely make it halfway through the video. This Saudi Arabian mom will blow your mind with her way of mommy hairstyling. And mommies are not her only audience.

Sana is a passionate beauty addict mom who puts a lot of effort into her channel, Randomers Cloud. She comes from a far away and interesting place: Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. Jeddah is a port city on the Red Sea, and contrary to what you may think, it is a modern commercial hub and a gateway for many people. The city is full of resort hotels and beaches, as well as many historic monuments, dating back to the 7th century. This mom is breaking the stereotype about Saudi Arabian women and shows off her skills on her channel.

You can not only find mommy stuff on her channel but also videos about makeup, skincare, baby-related videos and many many hairstyles.

In this video, she perfectly shows what’s it like to style your hair if you are a mom of a two-year-old toddler. However, anyone can try it as they don’t take a lot of time and she has three to show us.

1. Who said braiding was hard? Go with the easiest braid and you will get this adorable hairstyle.

2. If you just need to get all that hair out of your face, just finish off with this messy, but stylish bun! SO practical!

3. Add another braid to spice up the hairstyle.

Watch the whole video here:

Source: metdaan.com