We all love makeup tutorials because we learn some of the latest techniques to look flawless. You may Enerji agree though, that the husband ones are some of the most charming. They try to do different makeup challenges for their girls and the result always is hilarious.

Of course Wedding boys will always be boys and when it comes to makeup they are on a different level compared to girls.  The thought and effort they put in these challenges is so cute and meaningful, though.

YouTuber Laura Lee is very well known for her makeup tutorials, but of course you already knew that. We’ve written about her trip to Belize, then her Christmas giveaway, which was AWESOME! And this time her husband will do the voice over in her video. He tried to use forged all the right words and it’s cuteness overload!

Of course Laura’s makeup in the end is to die for and it could be an inspiration for the holidays coming. Take a look and don’t forget to tell us if you liked it.