Boys and girls, ombre is still a trend very much alive that’s still sending waves through the fashion world.

It is not your most subtle of aesthetics, but so what? If done properly, it can look cultured and pleasing to the eye.

I strongly vouch for these manis and believe that they can be worn with almost anything, if you really make an effort to creatively combine them with several pieces.

The little black dress and ombre manis is absolutely a win-win situation. It livens up the minimalism that the LBD creates.

Jeans and ombre manis is another pairing that is out of this world! Jeans give out this casual and chill stile, whereas the ombre manis give the playfulness!

Check these 17 ombre designs that you might wanna rock this weekend!

1. The gradiance between the dark purple toward the lilac purple is out of this world!

2. The shiny top coat gives this mani a special kind of feel!

3. The glittery ombre is truly  look for the bold ones!

4. This is an instance of a side-chain ombre in coral green!

5. I can see this mani paired with denim!

6. This manis must be one of the most delicate things I’ve ever laid eyes upon!

I would totally wear them on my wedding day!

7. The length is just perfect!

8. I feel like ombre works best with a slightly shorter nails!

The graphic heart is awesome!

9. This mani looks quite futuristic! I like that it is a reversed mani as well!

10. The color block really makes this mani refined!

11. Soft and subtle!

12. Love the peachy shade!

13. The glitter accent is a great way to liven things up!

14. The glitter behind the ombre is a smart twist!

15. Ok, this mani wins so far!

16. Smooth!

17. Chevron ombre done right!