That makeup wonder that makes you look naturally shiny and has been here long enough for you to explore it well, is the almighty highlighter.

Highlighters can do wonders in the world of makeup. Contrary to popular opinion, though, it’s quite affordable, as is a lot of other makeup. Some may not like it if it’s exaggerated, but this self-proclaimed makeup artist has done the impossible. Her highlighting looks like actual flares in her photos. You have to see this flawlessness to believe it. People on social media went crazy about this new trend.

This lady’s Instagram account it called @thestudyofmakeupand she has made quite the name for herself on social media.

She uses different highlighting products, but prefers a highlighter that costs less than $10. Her magical pixie dust highlighter is Blushing Hearts Highlighter by Makeup Revolution. Just take a look at what she does with it and try not to melt!

She has three different highlight styles: subtle, glow, and flare. And we know our favorite one will, of course, be flare, for obvious reasons shown in the photographic evidence below.

Are you trying to understand what sort of magic she is using? She doesn’t play when it comes to brushes, first of all.

“Most people apply their highlight with a large fan brush, I use a very dense wet eyeshadow brush,” she said on her highlight application.

As she uses a wet shadow brush, she is able to get as much saturated pigment from the highlight as possible. Also, she admitted that a concentrated highlight reflects better in photos.

Okay, there must be something else involved here! Yeah, this extra something is Swarovski crystals! She places a crystal in the middle of each cheekbone to achieve the perfect flare for photo ops. Now that’s a cool trick! Her 27.5k Instagram followers seem to agree, too.