Ever considered making your own bathroom decorations? Troom Troom is a YouTube channel where you can learn how to make easy accessories, scrapbooking cards, home decor and anything else that might take your fancy.

Today we’ll show you amazing decorating ideas that will help you to craft a whipped cream shaped soap dispenser, a starfish decorated mirror, a cute candle holder, an incredible toothbrush beaker and a convenient towel holder. These original items will add a splash of color to your bathroom and help create a unique style of your own.

The best part about it is that everything is explained in detail so it’s very easy to make. Also, the ingredients are in the description below the video where you can always share your thoughts, suggestions in the comments section.

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Check out these amazing DIY bathroom decorating ideas:

Say goodbye to the wishy-washy washroom when you add in your homemade color-laden kit.

Oh yeah that’s much better!

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