Simple Ways of Color for Gray Hair – For those who have gray hair, you don’t have to worry since you can still look spectacular by choosing the various options of color for gray hair. As you have to know, the hair color can turn to be hair because of pigment in hair shaft which come from particular cells at root of hair. Truthfully, the presence of pigment or melanin in those cells that can cause the hair in blonde, black, brown, red, and others shade. Time by time, those cells will produce less and more less pigment as you are growing old. Below are several things that you can do to make the gray hair looks wonderful.


First thing that you have to do when selecting the color for gray hair is finding best product for hair color. This product is mainly aimed for covering the uniqueness of gray hair. Mostly, the products of hair color will cover or blend the gray hair to be some degree. In accordance with this, you have to be selective as choosing color for gray hair products. For instance, those who have small percentage of the gray or it is not really visible; you can use the semi-permanent product.

Additionally, for those who have rather higher percentage of the gray hair which is up to 50%, they are recommended to use DEMI-permanent which last through up to 28 shampoos for example. Those amounts will blend away your gray hair. On the other side, those who have lots of gray and will cover it completely, you can choose the permanent product ofcolor for gray hair. Check the product that you will choose and make sure there will be no bad effect as you are applying.

The next, you have to select appropriate shade for covering the gray hair. In this case, you have to remember that much gray that you own, there will be lighter overall shade that will appear. In this case, you have to really selective and careful as you are choosing the color for gray hair. For these color ideas for gray hair, you can start with tone one or two shade which lighter than the natural color that you have. This will reintroduce slowly the intensity and warmth that will be back to your beloved hair.

As effective options of color for gray hair, it is recommended to choose the neutral color shade as ideas choice for the gray coverage. Those who only have a little gray hair, you can simply choose the shade without tone descriptor like dark blonde or medium brown.