Hey there my lovely people! How are you? Flowering trees and shrubs are some of the signs of spring season, with their surefire shade each year. Whether you love small spring flowering trees, white or pink flowering trees, I need to said that you are on the right destination. I have some beautiful spring flowering trees, that produce eye-popping masses of blooms. They are so adorable and beautiful, and can make any backyard more charming and inviting.

From striking red buckeye and brilliant pink red bud to white flowering hawthorn, dogwood, wild plum and serviceberry – you can choose the one you find the most stunning and attractive. So, let’s check these flowering trees out and draw some inspiration to plant a tree in our gardens. Enjoy and have fun!


Star magnolia, cornelian cherry dogwood and Japanese cherry are some of the most popular spring beauties. I need to mention that the native plums and cherries are among the earliest woody plants to bloom. In the North, Canada plum is one of the early bloomers. This tree is rarely used in landscaping, but the Princess Kay, which is double-flowered tree is a great choice for gardens in colder zones.

It is also very hard to resist a breathtaking spring flowering tree with a name as melodious as Carolina silverbell. This native beauty also boasts clean green foliage, attractive gray and black patterned bark, unusual four winged seedpods and silvery-white bell shaped flowers.

The redbud’s vibrant magenta pink pea type flowers along with the smooth gray branches look very lovely and are real attention grabbers. Often this type of trees grow 15 to 25 feet tall and have long lasting mid spring floral display, and heart shaped green leaves.

So, what do you think about these trees my dear people? Do you find them charming and astonishing as I do? Which flowering tree do you like the most and would you like to add it in your landscape? Share your thoughts with me! If you have some other suggestions or ideas, share them too – I would love to see everything you have to show me! Thank you for reading! Enjoy in the rest of your day and don’t forget to stay up to date with the content of Victoria’s Glamour.

Source: topdreamer.com