If you are into gardening, then you will find this idea so helpful. If you are tired of the ordinary planting pots, then you should try something new. How about toy planters? Have you ever thought of this idea? Planting in a toy may sound strange, but the outcome is amazing home decor that not only children will love. You just need to get creative and use whatever you find. The process is quick,easy and doesn’t require any special equipment. Check out these stunning toy planters for your home that will remind you of childhood!

Have you ever thought of doing something like this? Those troll toys were so popular back in the 90’s. Bring them back to life with this simple DIY project. It is a very cool idea to plant something on their head. It will look like it’s their hair!

If you have some dino toys, then they can be used too. Dino toy planters will look so cool!


There is one  important thing is to make sure the toy is hollow on the inside. Just cut a hole on it’s back. Fill the inside with the proper soil for your plants, and there you have it. Awesome DIY toy planters in no time! You can put different plants here. Succulents and cactus are proper choice here.

You can have your own cool dinosaur garden! This one will amaze everyone.

You can do this with any toy you have in your home. How about toy trucks? They can be a perfect place to plant

Source: topdreamer.com