26-year-old Canadian, Ashley Bloomfield gives an easy how-to account on her everyday medium to short hairstyles routine.
This video was posted in September last year and in it, Ashley is sporting a dirty blonde, Rachel ‘do!

1. French Braid

Brush your hair in order to get rid of any tangles that you may have. Spray a bit of dry shampoo on your head to add some texture. Take a part of hair from your top and divide it into three sections. Cross the outer sections over the middle one. While you do it, pick up strands from the side and add them to the sections you are using to braid your hair. Work your way down until you are finished braiding.

Tie it with an elastic band. You’ll notice that due to the length of your hair, you’ll end up with a very small ponytail at the bottom. If you don’t like how it looks, roll it up and tug it underneath the braid. Fasten it with bobby pins.

Do not worry much about the strands that are running free from the braid. They will frame your face!

2. Pull-Through Braid

This is a good one since it keeps those short strands of hair in place!
Gather a small section of hair at the front of your head. Tie it off with an elastic band. Flip that one forward and out of the way. Section off another section and also tie that one off with an elastic band.

Next, take the first section, split it in half and grab the back section and pull it through the two splits. Pin that up and out of the way. Add some more hair to the remaining two sections and tie them up. Now, this is where it gets tricky since you are establishing the braiding pattern. Grab the top section which you pinned down first and split it in half. Pull the back section through the top section and pin it to get it out of the way. Continue the above steps all the way down your head.

Refer to the video to see a visual of the braiding pattern!

3. French Braided Bangs

Finally, we are doing a French braid with beach waves added for just a little bit of texture!
Take the front section of your hair, split it three ways and cross each section over the middle section to create a French braid, adding hair to the outer layers. Once you reached about eye level, stop picking up hair and braid all the way down. Secure it with an elastic band. Pull it out to give some volume! Grab the braid and pin it to the back section of your hair.

Now, over to the beach waves. You’ll need a flat iron and a section of your hair. How to do the wave? Simple! Take the iron and as you work your way down the strand, angle the iron once towards your face and then towards the opposite side simultaneously!

See the video for a better representation.

Source: metdaan.com