There are not many things in this world that one can bet on never becoming unfashionable, and ponytails are one of them. Today, they are acceptable as a hairstyle in any setting, no matter if you are in an official meeting, a fancy reception, or out exercising. And as many other societal norms, the perception about them has changed greatly over time: in Georgian England (between 1714 and 1830) for example, this hairstyle was considered extremely casual and women were rarely seen outside their boudoirs wearing a ponytail.

Fascinatingly, scientists from the United Kingdom have come up with a mathematical model called the Ponytail Shape Equation which contains a segment called a Rapunzel number: this equation provides an understanding of how the hairs in ponytails act depending on outside factors, hair type and length, which can explain why a ponytail swings from side to side while running. The research won the Ig Nobel for Physics, a parody of the original Nobel Prize in 2012.

To celebrate the legacy of the hairstyle which is not less popular among long haired men, we bring you a video on high ponytails by the ever-lovable Milabu. In the ten styles perfect for medium to long hair, you will find a pompadour-inspired one, a fishtail, French and Dutch tails, as well as a couple just made for the beach or for summer parties.

Immerse yourselves in some of the simplest, yet beautiful options for this long, hot summer, delivered with Milabu’s well-known warmth and humor.