For many, especially those in the movies, the best part about high school is prom night. This will be a discussion from the moment you get your locker. By the time you have your timetable you will have already started weighing up your date options and of course cut out millions of versions of how your dress will look. That’s all in motion bt the first break on your first day.

But as sure as snow is water your ideas will change constantly. Now, the Internet is a great way to get inspired with the latest trends in the world. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, you can find it all there.

One big problem can be deciding on your hairstyle. Channel Luxy Hair on YouTube has tons of different hairstyles that can frame your face with perfection for the big night. They are all so beautiful but this one below might just be “the one”.

Tell us what you think. Do you like this prom hairstyle as much as we do? Is this what you were looking for? Enjoy!