It is a truth universally acknowledged that every celebrity will, when asked about their glowing skin, respond by saying they just drink a lot of water. Or get a lot of sleep. Or do yoga three times a day while eating spinach and listening to Gregorian chants. So when Jessica Alba began talking candidly about her zits—yes, even the incredibly perfect-seeming Alba gets acne—in a recently interview, along with the products she uses to combat her breakouts, we perked up, listened, and thanked the heavens for getting some legit Hollywood advice for once.

“When I wake up with a pimple, I immediately scream,” said Alba to PeopleStyle in an interview about her skin-care routine. This was, of course, after she credited her good skin to coconut water, and her avoidance of all deliciously fried and sugared foods. But if a pimple still pops up, Alba admits that she’ll—get ready for it—pop it. (STARS! They’re just like us!) After getting rid of the whitehead, the actress says she’ll dab salicylic acid over the blemish (we like Clinique Acne Solutions Clinical Clearing Gel) before using blue-light therapy to alleviate redness.

OK, sounds like mumbo jumbo, right? But red and blue lights really do help combat inflammation, oily skin, and acne by targeting and killing acne-causing bacteria. And though Alba’s blue-light of choice retails for $1,800 (she’s posted somewhat terrifying Instagram photos of herself wearing the Shani Darden Deesse Premium LED Mask).

If you do make like Alba and jump on the blue-light trend, make sure to power up the mask every other day to really reap the acne-killing benefits. And also make sure to take a bomb-ass Insta photo of yourself while wearing it to make everything think you’re basically a celebrity. That’s the whole point, right? Right.