HairStyle Trick is a Youtube channel that creates and shares compilation videos of hairstyle tutorials.

The channel uploads videos monthly, usually shared in the new hairstyles and best hairstyles categories.

In this new video, HairStyle Trick has compiled the most liked hairstyles of the new year so far. What better way to start 2017 than inspiring yourselves from some of the best hairstyle bloggers out there?

In the video you will find twenty six different hairstyle tutorials by different vloggers, all packed in under 13 minutes. The styles presented range from fishtail braids to updos and extensions.

HairStyle Trick also encourages budding hairstylists to submit their own tutorial videos, that would then be included in their monthly updates.

It actually takes hair to a whole new level, really. It’s not bobby pins or flowers, or hair ties. No, we’re talking about a whole arsenal of accessories, colors and styles that you can choose from. Heads will turn for you throughout the year.

Not only that, your head will turn every time you pass by a mirror.

So pump up your speakers, get the video rolling and pick your brand new hairstyle for January 2021!