Uh, first dates kind of suck. OK, sure, an excuse to dress up and eat food (or nervously watch a movie, or anxiously drink coffee) with someone you’re attracted to is always fun, but the whole pre-date prep kind of sucks. More often than not, you’re wracked with nerves and anticipation, and the very idea of trying to dress yourself or slap on some makeup is the equivalent of hell.

Luckily, we love makeup, and we double-y love telling the world how to do it. So rather than let you leave your routine until the last minute, when the only thing you have time for is your trusty ol’ mascara-and-lip-gloss combo, we rounded up our absolute favorite date-night looks that’ll leave you feeling like a zillion bucks, even if your date feels like a zero.

Winged Liner + Copper Eyes + Highlighter

Uh, even if you’re not going on a date, we hope you wear this makeup at all times, because it’s so incredibly pretty and glow-y, without looking too shiny.


Red Lips + Thick Lashes

What do you get when you mix matte-red lips, hazy smokey eyes, and thick-as-hell lashes? A ridiculously hot look that deserves a little bow.

Flushed Cheeks + Mink Eyes

Even a messy topknot can look definitively chic when paired with soft, mink-brown eyeshadow, rosy cheeks, and a subtle contour.

Pink Lips + Glowing Skin

Combine shimmery, champagne-lined eyes, pink cheeks, and bubble-gum-pink lips for a super fun and cute date-night look.


Liquid Liner + Sheer Skin

Don’t fear the liquid-liner look, because beauty vlogger Lisette breaks down three different tricks for getting the perfect winged liner, every single time.

Source: stylecaster.com