Yes, you go to work every day and you also get your nails done every month. This means that you get to take your nails to work every day with you, and that might be a burden for some ladies. The Zoereport advises you to be creative. According to them, you don’t have to have boring designs in the office or wherever you are working. You only need to have your “audience” in mind always, because you might end up sending the wrong message. For instance, Zoereport claims that monochromatic color palettes and minimal geometric designs can add both cold and sophisticated touches to your office wardrobe. In that way, you won’t compromise your professional style, but you won’t ever have boring nails!

We’ve prepared twelve gorgeous-looking nail styles that are absolutely work-wearable. Check them out!

1. Glitter Tip

French manicure never glittered so much! So girly and work-wearable!

2. Mauve

This passionate color will give you a stylish look, and you should try using it on your lips as well.

3. Dotting design

Do you think nude is boring? Look at these dots fitting perfectly on these nails!

4. Nude

Pure nude nail polish looks stylish when it is barely even noticeable. Combine it with some fashion accessories and you are ready to work!

5. French Ombré

Ombré nails are the new fashion tip! They look so cute at work. You can combine all kinds of colors.

6. Geometric

Add some broken shapes into your favorite manicure with these geometric-inspired nails.

7. Matte

This one is my personal favorite. Matte nails are so simple and you can use any color, but still not look aggressive.

8. Bling

You can always add a little bling, and it will do so much for your simple-looking nails!

9. Baby Pink

Baby pink will not sound so boring if you wear it at work. Combine it with simple outfits and it will give your nails a special glitter.

10. Metallic Stripe

This one is a simple way to add sparkle to your nails. Use bright color polish and then add some contrast.

11. Marble

Does this marble nail design look nicer than your kitchen counter?

12. Accent Nail

You can always add glitter to only one of your nails to make it sparkle! This way your nails will be far from boring-looking!