Green nails only really seem to pop up around St. Patrick’s Day, but in fact, green is a good color to wear on your nails pretty much all the time. It has a ton of different shades, so it should work well with your skin tone or clothes you’re wearing that day. After taking a good look at these designs, we think you’ll jump on the green nail bandwagon as well.

1. A great combination is mint and nude

2. This kiwi design is a great idea and it’s very well executed on this particular exampl

3. The perfect solid shade of green right here

4. A pretty gradient, from very light blue to a minty green

5. These sequin-covered nails are just the perfect touch of green glam.

6. Gold and green is also a great combo for all year round

7. Such a cool design

8. A nice geometric chic design

9. You can always add some luxe to it by adding gold striping tape.

Looks like this lady did them at some sort of high-end British shopping center

10. Break up the solid green with some caviar accents

11. A really cool forest design

12. Lime accent nails are perfect for a green manicure

13. This design has been named “Nailspresso”. How incredibly punny…

14. The green makes the tribal pop

15. These palm trees are a perfect design for the summer

16. This glittery deep green design is gorgeous