For a lot of people, a wedding is the most important event in their lives. Couples plan it for months, some even years, and most of the time – they expect it to be perfect. It’s an emotional, happy, heart-warming event of two people promising each other eternity.

Which means an event like this requires the perfect hair, amirite?

Weddings cost money too. The dress, the flowers, the venue, the food. Even hiring a stylist costs more than usual. And will a hairstylist really do a perfect job? We don’t know. We need to know how to do it ourselves, just in case.

How about Luxy Hair? How about doing your own hair?

For your own wedding!

No, no think about it! You can test it every single day,you can try different ways to do it, and if you don’t like the way it goes… just hire a stylist then! You didn’t spend any money on the tests, after all!

It’s all in the video below.

In this one, Alexandra Pewter has taken the task of showing you three easy wedding hairstyles that don’t require a hair stylist to be achieved.

If your big day is coming up soon, you should definitely check it out.