No matter how you perceive religion, angels will always be seen as a symbol of good. The definition of an angel is a spiritual being who has superior intelligence and power over us humans.

How can you recognize an angel? Well, of course, you have the suspended ring above their head, and an angel isn’t an angel without his/her wings. (Yes, female and male angels exist in my mind, okay?)

Even if you’ve never actually had the pleasure of meeting of an angel, you can borrow some of their defining features. Just don some wings, and attach a shiny piece of wire above your head, put a completely white drape over you, and now you look like an angel. Now you have the pleasure!

But, because the Halloween season is way behind us, we’re going to show you this angel wings fishtail braid hairstyle instead.

This certainly changes it up a little bit. I’ve shown you quite a bit of braids, buns, half-up-dos and a lot of other hair styles. I found this one rather refreshing for me.

Unfortunately, I’m going to have to subtract some points off the “how good the video is” scale, simply due to the use of Comic Sans.

Sorry, but I can’t take something seriously if it features Comic Sans.

All jokes aside, the video is actually very well put together. The hairstyle may seem a little bit difficult at first, but it’s totally achievable.

If you want your hair to stand out on the next special occasion, check out the video to see how this is done!