Oh dads, you can always count on them—to be completely clueless when it comes to all things contouring and highlighting.

Megan Michell, a 13-year-old from California, asked her dad to help her out with her Youtube Channel by narrating a makeup tutorial about her everyday look. (If you’re familiar with YouTubers, it’s a riff off the “Boyfriend Narrates My Tutorial trope”.) Her dad, which Michell tells Buzzfeed tends to be pretty funny, agreed to the plan. The result is so many different levels of fail, plus a mix of absolutely savage and sassy product reviews. Oh, and don’t forget: all the dad jokes.

The video begins, as most makeup tutorials, with Michell using a primer, which her dad claims was created by the “sweat of elves.” He then goes on to call foundation “makeup camouflage,” calls concealer “war makeup,” and then throws shade at how expensive her products cost, especially her Urban Decay Naked Palette, which he insists she only uses two colors of. Hey, dad, don’t judge that one.

“You could see my cheekbones before I put all that other crap on but now you can’t so I have to highlight them again,” he says. And later he critiques her choice to fill in her brows, saying, “I don’t like the eyebrows I was given so I’m just drawing these in a little bit darker.”

Only a dad could keep it this real.

Watch the makeup tutorial, below.

While the video is over a month old, it began to go viral when it was reposted toFacebook this week. Since then, the video has been viewed more than 40 million times and it’s clear to see why.

Michell says her dad has never shied from telling her that she spends too much money and time on makeup, but that it’s mostly all in jest and he’s excited about her interests.

“I think overall he’s proud that I do it as a hobby and not because I’m insecure or anything,” she tells Buzzfeed. “He’s proud that I have something I’ve stuck to, that I have fun doing.”

We’re just glad to have had this gem in our lives.