The one color we bet you avoid when it comes to eye makeup is red. The fiery shade, usually associated with bloodshot eyes, is actually one of the most gorgeous shades you can wear this holiday season. After the success of Fall’s “pink eye” makeup trend, we’re calling it: red eyes will be the hottest look for the 2016 holiday season.

“The look is a unique blend of elegant and edgy,” Kelli J. Bartlett, director of makeup artistry at Glamsquad, told POPSUGAR via email. “It’s a perfect way to add an extrafestive or flirty flair to an otherwise chic and sophisticated barely there beauty look. It’s important to let other features find balance by sticking to neutrals on the lips (nudes look great!) and adding a touch of the red you used on your eyes to your cheeks to coordinate the look without appearing too dramatic.”

If you’re not ready to do a full ruby eye, try a smudge of brick liner (just on the bottom) with brown and mauve eye shadow. We like Chanel Le Crayon Yeux in Cocorange  or Brun-Cuivre. However, make sure to use it outside of the lashes. “Avoid using red eyeliner on the inner tear duct of the eye,” Bartlett said. “It can cause the eye to look irritated and bloodshot.”

Bartlett also advises to pop your favorite blush color on your eye. “Use a small, fluffy blending brush and swish back and forth in the eye socket,” she noted. “You can further test the trend by dabbing some of your favorite red lipstick (not the liquid matte kind, though) on your finger and swiping it back and forth on your eyelid. Use your finger to buff the color into the brow bone. Proceed with caution: some reds have a tendency to stain! Try swatching on the back of your hand first to test its stain potential.”

And for those of you who are brave and bold, she has tips, too! “For a fully saturated red stare, the key is to be sure to blend it with warm earth tones,” Bartlett explained. “Apply the red shadow on the lid and close to the lashline on the top and bottom and use a small, fluffy blending brush to bring a warm brown color into the crease. The result is a subtle yet statement and chic red eye.” Go all out with a mega palette, such as Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Eye Palette.

Bartlett also weighed in on who the trend works best on. “Red shadow is especially flattering on green and blue eyes because they are complementary on the color wheel,” she said.