The fact that social networks exist today is so great, don’t you agree? They are so helpful, people can share opinions, experiences, they can show their talent. And we all benefit from this, especially since it’s Laura Lee sharing her talent with us, and that’s ALWAYS a hoot. And this time she tests this huge Instagram trend – foiled lip tattoos.

Have you tried foiled lip tattoos?

It’s certainly something, isn’t it? But if you still haven’t gotten around to trying this, Laura Lee as usual is doing it for you.

This thing is huge right now, and it looks so flawless and edgy on Instagram. But does it work, though?

You’ll have to play the video to see, because it’s kind of… Well it doesn’t really stick? We watched it, and our face was exactly like Laura’s the whole time.

But then again, maybe it’s the brand. Have you tried a different brand that works? And if you find one, would you go for this look, like, for New Year’s Eve, maybe?