When we are purchasing our dream house, we plan and design it according to our wishes. We plan where our living room, kitchen, bedroom, toilet, kids room, and so on is going to be.

But check this out. The owner of this Chihuahua named Pancho, planned a special luxury bedroom for the dog. The woman used the space under the stairs and transformed it into a cute and elegant dog room.

“When my aunt was building her new house after retiring from 30 years of teaching, my other two aunts basically forced her to decorate a room for a dog”, Will Rigdon told Bored Panda.

The auntie took care of every single detail. She even hang a reproduction of the famous painting of dogs playing poker by Cassius Marcellus Coolidge on the wall. She got a golden luxurious bed for Pancho, elegant little chest of drawers and a lamp.

The result is beyond adorable! Her furry four-legged friend is enjoying this beautiful interior design. Definitely, this dog has enough space and privacy in its bedroom.

This aunt transformed the space under the stairs into a fantastic room for her pet.

There is art  hanging on the walls.  A small reproduction of the famous painting of dogs playing poker.

‘Pancho is very chill and will be best friends with anyone who has a blanket for him to cuddle in, but the second his momma calls, don’t get in the middle’.

At first, the auntie was afraid the community would think she’s crazy, but the result turned out to be just too adorable!

Source: www.metdaan.com