Are you one of those people who struggle to get a fishtail braid right? Do not worry, this is not uncommon. That’s why Mimi Ikonn from Luxy Hair has come up with a wonderful three-dimensional fishtail braid. It looks luscious and rich, but it’s also perfect for days when you’re working and you just want your hair out of the way.

Attractive and practical – way to go, girl!

Luxy Hair is a brand Mimi and her sister Layla started since they felt having luxuriously long and voluminous hair is not available to everyone. They have since developed their own line of hair extensions worn by thousands of women around the world.

In addition, Luxy Hair is one of the most popular channel for hair tutorials on Youtube, with almost 3 million subscribers. So if you like Mimi’s three-way fishtail braid, make sure you check the rest of her vlogs – there is plenty to discover there.