Oh, if only styling your hair could be as easy as snapping your fingers… But no. It has to involve, tools, time, skills, heat…

Or, does it require heat?

Of course, you don’t just have to use it to straighten your curly hair. The various attachments allow you to do different things to your hair to make it more striking.

If you believe in the myths that the flat iron damages hair follicles, however, then don’t worry, you can still try these three hairstyles that require no heat.

The video is on our favorite hair stylist’s channel, Luxy Hair, but the usual blonde with glowing teeth that we’re used to has decided to call in her friend (with an equally as stunning smile I should probably add) to do this video. She has, of course, listed her channel in the description. So now, you have more beauty to happily follow.

While some of the commenters seem a bit skeptical about the third hairstyle, opinions on the video are generally good across the board, so you can bet that this will work for you.

Plan to try any of these? Let us know in the comments!

Source: www.metdaan.com