Grass is one of those plants that makes me think of summer lawn barbecues and family games. The feel, color and scent of this green carpet can be finally incorporated indoors, making your home more lively and homey. You can grow grass in containers as decorative accents for your space or you can go with a beautiful mat of turf grass. I wanted to inspire you to grow this type of plant in your space, so for today I have some clever tips as well as some stupendous pictures that will definitely amaze you.

It you thought that turf grasses can’t grow indoors, then consider all indoor soccer fields and stadiums and you will see that it is not only possible, but the grass is flourishing. Turf grass can sprout from seed in flats or directly into pots. A low pot or dish with this type of grass covering it makes a beautiful center piece on the coffee table or dining table and certainly brings the nature inside your home.

You can grow grass indoors in containers and pots to brighten up your days spent at home. The variety of seed you should use depends on its intended use. Ordinary lawn seed is perfect for grass decors for Easter baskets, or if you want to give your cat a special treat use seeds sold for growing kitty greens.


While turf grasses grow in almost in any type of pot, ornamental grasses bring movement and texture to any potted display. Corkscrew sedge, zebra grass, fiber optics plant or variegated carex thrive in containers in a variety of light levels indoors. Most types do great in a flat from seed. And you just need to sprinkle the seed over the surface of the soil and cover with a layer of sand. Keep the pot of flat moist and you will have the beginnings of grass plants in just a week or two. Fescues plants, like tall fescue or red fescue look fascinating in interior containers.

One of the best grasses for growing indoors is ryegrass, because it grows rapidly and produces adorable panicles in spring season. Cat grass can be found in seed or kit form and I need to say that your cat will love it! Wheatgrass is a common grass houseplant and often used as an edible.

If you don’t have much time for this type of activity, or you just don’t spend much time home, then you can go with artificial grass.

So, what do you think about these ideas to grow grass indoors? Do you find them interesting and astonishing as I do? Which interior design do you like the most and would you like to try to incorporate in your space? Share your comments with me! If you have some other ideas on your mind, please share them too – I would love to see everything! Thank you for reading!