When a lady hits menopause, then there are numerous health and skin issues. Estrogen level decreases in your body significantly, and that’s when your skin’s natural ability to secrete oil decreases, and thus, you end up having dry and itchy skin.

But, of course, this can be taken care in a planned manner. How about taking some supplements, which will prevent your menopausal skin to turn dry and will keep it in good care!

1. Probiotic:

When you hit menopause, your digestive system also gets affected, and no doubt, it hits your skin too. It turns dry and experiences very frequent breakouts. So, begin with taking probiotic supplements. This will not only keep your digestive system in check but also reduce the breakouts and help in making your skin supple.

2. Vitamin D:

Vitamin D is one of the major supplements which a menopausal dry skin requires. It not only takes care of your dry skin but also maintains the water balance in your body. This way your skin will stay hydrated and in good shape. Also, regular vitamin D supplements will ensure that skin has its inner glow which is not very much evident in the menopausal dry skin.

3. Omega 3:

The body goes through a lot of changes in the early years of menopause. So, we can provide them essential fatty acids which will help the skin in multiple ways. Also, Omega 3 fatty acids will ensure to reduce the symptoms of menopausal skin. This will keep the skin hydrated and plumped up, and also ensure to provide regular nutrients and vitamins to the skin.

4. Vitamin C:

Vitamin C will contribute in increasing the collagen level in your skin. And, collagen is something which the menopausal skin lacks like anything. And, we all know collagen production is extremely beneficial for your skin. But, the issue with vitamin C is that the ones listed in the ingredients list are not trustworthy; they don’t have pure vitamin C. So, the best thing is to make a vitamin C serum at home.

5. Retin A:

This is present in almost all the night creams, especially the anti-aging night creams. Retin A helps in building the collagen and elasticity in your skin, and thus, takes care of the aging skin in the due course of time. Once your skin gets the correct dose of Retin A, you can see the skin hydrated and glowing and in the correct shape.

6. Hyaluronic Acid:

As you age and hit menopause, the level of hyaluronic acid in your body decreases. And, this is the major reason why women develop wrinkles as soon as they hit menopause. So, what your body needs are hyaluronic acid supplements. You can start with 100-200mg a day. But, don’t forget to take proper diet and water along with the tablets.

7. Lysine, Proline and Vitamin C:

These are the nutrients and vitamins which are very much required in your skin, once you start aging and hit menopause. You can get these nutrient and vitamin supplements easily at any medicine store. You should consume at least one of these medicines daily, and within a month or so, you can see the improvements in your skin.

8. Calcium:

We all know that calcium is required to keep your bones healthy. Calcium is something which everyone requires right from a child to an adult. And, women require calcium much more than men, especially after menopause. And, most of us don’t know the fact that calcium deficiency not only causes weaker bones, but also it leads to a dull and dry skin. And, in worst conditions, it can cause itchy skin too.

9. Lactic Acid:

Lactic acid is very much required to moisturize the skin on regular basis. This will keep the skin plumped up and will give a beautifulhealthy glow to the skin. You can get lactic acid in milk and number of milk product. So, the best way is to ensure that you get correct supplements from the diet rich in lactic acid. Other than this, you can also have lactic acid tablets.

10. Coenzyme:

Coenzyme is one of the major antioxidants which the body naturally produces, but with age, the ability of the body to produce coenzyme reduces. And, coenzyme is something which helps in ensuring the basic cell function in your body. It is not only great for cardiovascular health but also ensures that the skin is elastic and firm at the same time.

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