Many of us lived in a dream world of magic when we were kids. Nowadays, we still love some of the dreams that we created when we were watching cartoons and reading books. Unicorns were the favorite creature for many color lovers. Moreover, they just looked so perfect, bright, dreamy and colorful! We wanted to be like them and look like them, so we would spend hours in front of the mirror in our room. Luckily for us, the makeup industry has taken this into consideration and created so many products we can now use to achieve this unicorn look!

Although unicorns are not roaming the streets, they are a huge inspiration for makeup artists. That’s why so many people want to try this look too! With today’s makeup products, it is quite possible to achieve the perfect unicorn look in no time. Many girls will finally achieve their dreams and bring some magic into their lives. Look at these unicorn-inspired ideas if you want to spice up your makeup style. They are all about unicorns and you may as well fall in love with them!

1. Unicorn look with star details

Stars make this look perfect.

2. Unicorn lashes

Some may find them creepy, but I just think they are absolutely cool!

3. Laid-back unicorn makeup look

It is super shiny and subtle at the same time. It makes for a glamorous look too.

4. Purple shades

The roses details and the fake ear make for a perfect look! Amazing!

5. Shining upward-face unicorn

Next, this look is probably for the bravest ones, as it incorporates a lot of makeup. It has so much detail for you to fall in love with.

6. Hair and makeup unicorn

Despite her amazing highlight, this look has so many other perfect details.