Makeup has the power to transform people. At this point, I can imagine all of you reading this saying “You don’t say?” out loud, and probably making the Nicolas Cage face that accompanied that statement. Well, I know, but it’s true. As long as the right person is applying the right amount of makeup to someone or themselves, it can make for some truly incredible transformations, and these photos vouch for that.

1. From fresh-faced to classic beauty

2. Beautiful both ways

3. Half-transformed

4. Look at the difference!

5. Getting ready for her big day

6. This mother of five has the natural look down to a fine art

7. A classic bridesmaid transformation

8. Look at her eyes!

9. The natural look perfected

10. Prom night perfect!

11. Small changes make a big difference

12. A perfect bridal makeover

13. Dramatic eyes and nude lips

14. Subtle effects

15. A guide to highlighting your features

16. Classic glamour

17. Brightened up eyes

18. A gorgeous prom look

19. Small changes for a natural beauty

20. A glamorous look for a night out

21. Clean face and dramatic eyes