MakeupWearables is a DIY Hair channel hosted by Tina, providing easy how-to do everyday hairstyle tutorials, perfect for long or medium length hair.

These 7 easy hairstyles are suitable for working out, outdoors or at the gym.

For starters, we are going to address the state of your hair after you’ve come back from working out.

Your hair will be oily and sweaty. However, if you don’t want to wash it every day after your working out routine, what you can do is dry all the oils with a hair dryer,  dry wash it, apply some transforming oil leave-in conditioner on your frizzy ends and get your hair in a satin cap.

You are going to wrap your hair counterclockwise with bobby pins and then put your sleeping cap on.

Make a ponytail out of the hair on your crown area. Split the hair an inch above the and flip your ponytail over through the hole. Now take the remaining hair into a ponytail and tie it with a band.

For the next hairstyle, you are going to start braiding your hair Dutch style at the very top near your hairline. Divide your hair into three, small and equal sections. Once you’re done, put the braid on the side, and tie the other half part of your hair into a mid-ponytail.

Take the braid, wrap it under the elastic tucking it beneath of the braid.

Make a triangular section off of the area that’s your crown. Clip it and leave it like that for a moment. Divide sections from the remaining sides of your hair, creating the section from behind your ear. Tie them out of the way. Dutch braid the left over towards the neck.

Once you’re finished, tie your braid with an elastic band. Now, wrap the side strands that you left unattended around the elastic band.

Now, the next hairstyle is basically a variation of the previous one. Leave the Dutch braid that you made, but continue braiding the lower part as a side braid!

We are going to continue with a triple ponytail.  Take the crown and make the first ponytail out of it. Take the next layer beneath it and tie it into another ponytail. Lastly, tie your remaining lower part into a ponytail.

The last hairstyle will be two side ponytails. Divide your hair in half, tie two pigtails and start braiding pull through braids on each one of them.

Watch here for full instructions on all 7 workout hairstyles.