Hair loss, also termed as alopecia, referring to thinning of hair is a condition that afflicts both men and women due to numerous varied factors whether genetic or non-genetic in nature. In one hand many women experience drastic hair fall post child delivery and on the other hand men’s hairline show a tendency of receding with age. Irrespective of the gender, hair loss is everyone’s nightmare. Though there are many home and clinical remedies available we will be discussing Homeopathy for hair fall today.

Homeopathic medicines could be effective in treating hair loss due to skin infection. We know that various skin conditions and diseases often lead to itchiness on the scalp that in turn weakens the hair follicles resulting in hair fall. The medicine called Psorinum works wonder to treat such conditions. The eczematous skin lesions discharges a certain fluid that causes the hair strands to stick together and tangles it up, leading to breakage. In addition to Psorium, Mezereum also comes in handy to relieve the patients from such conditions.

Now as I mentioned above, hair loss is common in women at the time of child birth. But, with age, as menopause hits, hair fall shows up again in a woman’s life. This phase of life introduces a woman to drastic hormonal changes that can lead to depression in many, the increase in hair fall only adds to this depression. Birth of a child is unarguable the best experience in a woman’s life and something as trivial as hair fall should not mar this divine moment. To fight hair fall during post pregnancy and menopause, one may turn toward homeopathy treatment for hair loss in such times. Pulsatilla pratensis is a homeopathy medicine for hair fall that can be used to prevent postpartum hair loss. Sepia officinalis is the one we would suggest for those going through menopause.

Hair loss is common in anemic patients too. Doctors treating anemic patients often find them complaining of hair loss. The strands of such patients are very thin and often sticks together making the tangling process very difficult resulting in hair more on the combs and lesser on the scalps. For such cases, the hair homeopathy treatment could be the intake of medicines like Calcarea phosphorica, Cinchona officinalis and Borax. Not only are these medicines beneficial for those suffering from anemia, but patients who have suffered blood loss due to an accident, operation or girls who experience heavy blood flow during periods will also be benefitted by the use of these homeopathic medicines for hair.

To deal with a different kind of hair loss, namely, Alopecia areata where the patient loses hair from certain patches of scalp area, one might pick Fluoricum acidum, Vinca minor, Phosphorus, and Calcarea carbonica from the store. Fluoricum acidum is more suited for those with hot temperament, such patients always need cold environment or something to cool them down. If you know patients with hair loss on spots and they constantly feel the need to consume salty things, ice-creams, cold drinks and chicken, you must recommend Phosphorus to them. People who are a little flab in built derive great result in curing alopecia areata by the use of Calcrea carbonica, while Vinca minor is best in cases where white colored hair grows back at the spots that have had hair fall.

Now Homeopathy is a treatment where in the doses are increased and reduced depending on the patient’s constitution and the same holds good in case of homeopathy for hair loss as well. As every person has a distinctive physiological constitution and it is very important to take account of their specific needs and allergic tendencies before assigning a prescription to anyone. Before you put yourself on any prescription, we would always encourage you to visit a doctor with specialization in this field of medicine. If you are allergic to certain chemicals then communicate that to the practitioner. Also, prior to starting homeopathy treatment for hair loss, study the side effects if any. Most people have experienced steady recuperation through this line of treatment, and very few have complained of any side effects. We are pretty hopeful that our readers will be able to benefit themselves by resorting to homeopathy for hair loss.