When we were kids, we had mood rings. Admit it, you either had one, or begged your parents to get you one and be like all the cool kids showing of their moods and all. But it’s 2017, you guys. Mood rings are so ’90s.

The new millennium is more about edgy, cool things, like color-changing nail polish. Yup. It’s a thing, in case you weren’t aware.

Legendary, your nails will never be the same again. Suzie from Canada is a professional nail technician with 25 years of experience. On her YouTube channel she brings us everything when it comes from nail art to the technique of sculpting Acrylic Nails.

She has 780,946 subscribers and you can also follow her on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or join her nail salon called: Nail District. Suzie is always very careful to write all the products she used on the description.

This is a really fun design that will take a lot of attention too. For more details on how to create this nail art you can check the video down below and share your thought by leaving a comment. Enjoy!

Source: www.metdaan.com