Oh, Internet, what will you dream up next? If you’ve had access to a phone or a Wifi password in the past few months, you’ve probably noticed Instagram has gotten a littleunicorn crazy. I mean, unicorn lipstick. Unicorn makeup brushes. Jenna Dewan Tatumdressed as a unicorn! So, are we wrong for wanting incorporate some of that magic into our lives, too? That’s a hard nah.

Now, there’s another trend emerging in the rainbow bright beauty universe. Friends, get yourself acquainted with unicorn eyeliner. Some true unicorn-obsessed bloggers have come up with a masterpiece that involves transforming winged eyeliner into Disney-worthy illustrations. It’s safe to say the Internet has responded with a resounding thumbs (horns?) up.

You’ll note that there are clearly quite a few ways to bring this unicorn eyeliner to life. Some go for a mystical rainbow approach, while others jazz up the traditional black liner with a few multicolored accents. Any bright or pastels shades are welcome additions here, and please, for the love of unicorns, do not forget some glitter, because if there’s anything we know about our horned friends, it’s that they sparkle with the brilliance of a thousand diamonds.

Take a look at a few gorgeous interpretations of this trend.

Source: www.glamour.com